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Volume 4: Suspiciously Divisible by 2

Last week we were light on hacks in order to spend some time talking to Phil Hagelberg. If you missed it, I urge you to check it out!

This week there’s no 7 page interview, so it’s back to tradition. Let’s get to the hacks!

Hacks (in no particular order)

Overtype — Ben Wheeler

Overtype simulates a typewriter, and does a very good job. My favorite hack in a while! Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to have a free license associated with it, but the code is well documented and fun to explore!

git-link — Skye Shaw

Let’s imagine you edit code in emacs, and want to send a link to a friend of exactly the spot where they made a mistake. The code is on Gitlab, or Github. Do you open up a browser? No! You M-x git-link it and paste a link instead.

rlite — Sebastian Waisbrot

rlite is to redis as sqlite is to insert RDBMS here

pigz — Mark Adler

“pig-zee” is a parallel gzip implementation that makes use of, you guessed it, multi-processor, multi-core machines. I haven’t done any benchmarking, but I imagine it to be faster, at best, than typical gzip. [See what I did there? – ed]

Neon — Mike Amaral

A new framework for creating dynamic and flexible UIs for iDevices in Swift. I’m not an iDeveloper, but I assume this can also be used for generic, run of the mill, soon to be deprecated, desktop applications for the Mac as well.

speed-test — Sindre Sorhus

Don’t have flash? But want to brag about your connection to your coworkers? No problem! Just do it from your terminal.

sift — Sven Taute

A faster alternative to grep. Doesn’t say which grep implementation it’s faster than. Seems fast anyway. Very flexible.

litestore — Fabio Cevasco

A NoSQL document store built on top of sqlite, and written in Nim!

Fun things to read or see

Tying a bow.

I love to be told of interesting new hacks, projects, pieces of art, and of course random algorithms. If you have something that you think I haven’t seen challenge me by sending it my way! Just reply to this email. Easy peasy.

Until next time!

Happy hacking,