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hifi is a weekly-ish email newsletter to inspire hackers. It was inspired by the good 'ole days when my buddy James Dennis and I, apg, ran Hack && Tell in NYC. Just what the hell is Hack && Tell? Glad you asked. It's a "show and tell" for hacker types. The kinds of people who sit home and write code for fun, because they are passionate about their .bashrc file. Or, their editor. Or, silly things like displaying animated gifs in their terminals. Or, building audio workstations because it's a fun challenge.

Hack && Tell celebrates those people and their projects by giving them a venue to talk about them and solicit feedback, live and in person.

hifi isn't that. Well, it's partly that. We celebrate people's projects but they don't usually even know that we are. But, maybe you, the reader, are now inspired to help the original author make it better. Or give them feedback. Or reach out to them and say, "Woah! I love this thing that you wrote for fun and it makes my life wonderful."

hifi by apg attempts to find these types of projects, packages them up with some dry humor and sends them your way. We also throw in occasional interviews with real people, links to papers and interesting blog posts, and from time to time challenge you to a puzzle.

Just who is apg, and why should you trust him to inspire you weekly^Wwhenever he feels like it^W^W^W^W^Won days the end with 'day'? He's just a lonely distributed systems engineer who lives in paradise, deals with imposter syndrome, and happens to follow lots of interesting links to random inspiring projects. Just look at the crap he recently wrote about:

(Want more? You should look at the full archive dating back to the beginning!)

By the way, have you seen the interviews we've done? Very interesting folks, doing very interesting things. Make sure you read them all after you sign up.

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"I wouldn't say hifi is particularly useful to me, though I have gotten exposure to several new projects. That said, it is delightful to me. It inspires me towards being a better hacker and I view it as a celebration of hacker culture." — Justin Abrahms

"I get a number of weekly tech projects newsletter type things, and MOSTLY they all have ~70-80% overlap in terms of the stuff they link to. I have about 0-10% overlap from the stuff here, which is fantastic!" — Matthew Rothenberg

"It's been a wonderful addition to my week." — Mark Turner

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"hifi by apg changed my life. I was at my desk living off of nibbles and bytes from Hacker News. Then my friend Steve forwarded me hifi. Never again will I scour the internet for 'Show HN' posts." — Jillian

"I've spent my whole career searching for that one shell hack that will make me productive. Now hifi does it for me instead." — Jeff

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